We’re a one-stop, steel service center that is versatile, progressive, and flexible to the requirements of your fabrication project. From small, intricate projects to the heavy fabrication needs of high rise commercial buildings, our experienced staff will assist you with design, cost estimates, and material selection.


Our trucks deliver according to your schedule and we provide emergency telephone contacts for after hour and weekends. No matter when you need it, we’ll deliver it to you.


Warehouse: We stock one of the largest steel inventories in West Virginia and will sell stock length material or cut to size to meet our customers requirements.


: We supply all steel material required to complete commercial buildings including but not limited to schools, hospitals, religous facilities, etc. We fabricate according to specification, deliver to the job site and when required provide the contractor to erect the structure from start to finish.

Mining Industry: We supply all the steel materials required for the coal mining industry. We have provided this type of work throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana even completed a large prep plant in South America. 
Mingo_Logan prep plant 2.jpg